Range Towns Veterans Memorial Park

This park is the centerpiece of recreational activity in South Range and surrounding areas. Within its facilities are a Little League baseball field, softball field, picnic area, and the Lion’s Pavilion. Other features include an unnamed tributary of the Pilgrim River, wetlands, uplands, and areas of possible historic interest. The Bill Nichols Recreation Trail runs alongside the park. 


South Range Community Park

This neighborhood park provides residents of South Range an easily accessible recreation space. The facility includes playground equipment including swings, see-saws, a jungle gym, three children riders and a sandbox. In addition to the playground equipment there are picnic tables, tennis court and basketball court.


South Range Elementary School

Situated outside the South Range Elementary School is a recreation area for those of all ages. Outdoor facilities include a children's playground, basketball courts, and playground equipment.  


Baltic Recreation Center

The Baltic Recreation Center is in the nearby community of Baltic, and is used by many residents of South Range. The Recreation Center contains an enclosed ice rink, outdoor basketball court, and a senior citizens center.